Restricted Section Council

This section is dedicated to members of the ASSAf Council. A password is required to access this section.



Restricted Section Members

This section is dedicated to ASSAf Members. A password is required to access this section.




Evidence-based study project activities form the core of the Academy’s function and are a key area of future development



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The core functions of any national science academy require that the country’s most outstanding scholars are included in its Membership. From the point of view of another core aspect of national science academies, multi-disciplinarity, ASSAf aims to increase its Membership in the areas of the Agricultural Sciences, Engineering and Technology, Mathematics, and Economics. In general, the Academy is striving to increase its Membership amongst black and women scholars.

Election Process
ASSAf is a self-perpetuating organisation in which new Members are elected every year by the full existing Membership in order to achieve the goals of the Academy

After nomination by four existing Members (at least two of whom do so from personal knowledge of the candidate), new Members of the Academy are elected in a secret ballot. The normal criterion for election is significant achievement in the advancement or application of science, and, in addition, Members should be persons who can be expected to assist the Academy in achieving its objectives. ASSAf has 395 Members drawn by self-categorisation from:

  • Agricultural Sciences
  • Economic Sciences
  • Education
  • Earth Sciences
  • Health/Medical Sciences
  • Human Sciences
  • Life Sciences
  • Mathematical Sciences
  • Physical Sciences
  • Social Sciences
  • Technological and Engineering Science

Member Benefits
ASSAf Members are entitled to the following benefits:

Regular updates

  • ASSAf quarterly newsletters
  • Invitations to conferences, symposia and seminars
  • Invitations to the annual awards ceremony
  • Priority notices of certain fellowships
  • Minutes of ASSAf AGM meetings
  • Invitations to serve on Academy Panels, Committees, etc
  • Invitations to make inputs to draft ASSAf Public Statements

Products & services

  • South African Journal of Science (SAJS)
  • Quest – Science for South Africa – magazine
  • ASSAf Annual Report

Mutual cooperation

  • Inclusion in the ASSAf General Register of Members
  • Participation in the Annual General Meeting
  • Network of contacts

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