ASSAf Members in the News

10 December 2018, 11:27


Prof Emile van Zyl
Die Suid-Afrikaanse Akademie vir Wetenskap en Kuns has honoured Prof Emile van Zyl with the Havenga Prize for Life Sciences, a prestigious prize that recognises outstanding research in finding environmentally-friendly alternatives for fossil fuels.Prof Van Zyl is a Distinguished Professor in Microbiology and head of Microbiology Department at Stellenbosch University. He is DST/NRF Senior Chair of Energy Research: Bio-fuels.

Prof Basie von Solms
Prof Basie von Solms has been appointed to the World Economic Forum’s Global Future Council on Cybersecurity. Prof Von Solms is a Research Professor in the Academy for Computer Science and Software Engineering and the Director of the Centre for Cyber Security at the University of Johannesburg.

Prof Christian Pirk
Prof Christian Pirk has recently been named among the world’s top 1% of reviewers in Publons’ Global Peer Review Awards. The award recognised “an elite contributor to scholarly peer review and editorial pursuits internationally and has demonstrated an outstanding expert commitment to protecting the integrity and accuracy of published research in his field”. He is heads up the Social Insects Research Group (SIRG) in the Department of Zoology and Entomology at the University of Pretoria.

Prof Renée Kraan-Korteweg
Prof Renée Kraan-Korteweg was awarded the Minister’s Special Award in the field of astronomy at the 2018 South African Women in Science Awards in recognition of outstanding contribution to building South Africa’s scientific and research knowledge base in advancing the field of astronomy. She holds the Chair of Astronomy at the Department of Astronomy at UCT. She is Chair of the Astronomy Advisory Council of South Africa, and Vice-President of the International Union for Astronomy.

Dr Bernard (Bernie) Fanaroff
Dr Bernard Fanaroff has been honoured with the National Research Foundation Lifetime Achievement Award. He has been recognised for the extraordinary contributions of international standard and impact, to the development of science in and for South Africa over an extended period of time, and for the manner in which his work has touched and shaped the lives and views of many South Africans.Dr Fanaroff was the Director of the Square Kilometer Array South Africa and from January 2016, is a part-time Strategic Adviser to the project.

Prof Salim Abdool Karim
Prof Salim Abdool Karim has been named a recipient of the prestigious Al-Sumait Prize for research contributions to African Development. He is being recognised for his remarkable research that has made a major impact on the HIV epidemic in Africa.Prof Abdool Karim is the Director of the Durban-based Centre for the AIDS Programme of Research in South Africa (CAPRISA), Pro Vice-Chancellor Research at UKZN and Professor of Global Health at Columbia University, New York. Prof Abdool Karim is a past recipient of the ASSAf Science-for-Society Gold Medal award, the apex award of the Academy and the South African science system, awarded in recognition of outstanding achievements by individuals.


Prof Vinny Naidoo
Prof Vinny Naidoo has been appointed as the Dean of the Faculty of Veterinary Science at the University of Pretoria. At the age of 41, he is among the youngest deans in the country. He is qualified as a veterinarian and specialist in veterinary pharmacologist, with a focus on industrial pharmacology.


Prof Dave Walker, Prof Emeritus and Honorary Research Associate in Physics at the University of KwaZulu-Natal passed away on 17 September 2018.
Prof Johan Henning, Senior Professor, Emeritus Distinguished Professor and previous Dean of the Faculty of Law of the University of the Free State passed away on 14 October 2018.

Prof Paul O’Brien, Professor of Inorganic Materials at the University of Manchester passed away on 16 October 2018.