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Evidence-based study project activities form the core of the Academy’s function and are a key area of future development



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Regional Workshop: Open Access Journal Publishing

Thursday: 18 August 2011

Challenges and problems facing journal editors today Moderator:  Prof Elize van Eeden, North – West University 
Review of Southern African Studies Mr T. Khalanyane,National University of Lesotho 
UNISWA Research Journal of Agriculture, Science and Technology  Prof. Nonhlanhla A. Sukati, University of Swaziland
African Invertebrates Dr Mike Mostovski, Natal Museum of South Africa 
Sharing best practices in the editorial process Moderator: Prof Elize van Eeden,  North – West University 
Studia Historiae EcclesiasticaeTheological Studies

SA Journal of Economic and Management Sciences (SAJEMS)


Prof. Christina Landman Prof. Andries van Aarde, University of Pretoria 

Prof. Steve Koch, University of Pretoria

Prof. Mashudu Maselesele, North-West University 

Communicare Prof. S Verwey,University of Johannesburg 
Africa Journal of Nursing and Midwifery Prof. Valerie Ehlers, UNISA 
Management Dynamics Prof. Christo Boshoff, University of Stellenbosch
 Current open-access journalsModerator: Mrs Elsabe Olivier, University of Pretoria 
Indo-Pacific Journal of Phenomenology Prof. Christopher Stones, University of Johannesburg 
Potchefstroomse Elektroniese Regsblad [Potchefstroom Electronic Law Journal]  Prof. Anel du Plessis, North-West University
South African Journal of Science Dr Linda Fick, Academy of Science of South Africa 
Taking your journal to the next level: some considerationsModerator: Mrs Elsabe Olivier, University of Pretoria 
Image and Text Prof. Jeanne van Eeden, University of Pretoria 
Phronimon Prof. Benda Hofmeyr, University of Pretoria 
Historia Prof. Johan Wassermann, University of KwaZulu-Natal 
South African Journal of Industrial Engineering Prof. Susan Adendorff, University of Pretoria
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